How to Fix the Dying Light 2 Can’t Upgrade Paraglider Bug?

Dying Light 2 Can't Upgrade Paraglider

Dying Light 2 is an open-world first-person survival horror action-adventure video game developed by Polish video game developer Techland and published by Techland Publishing. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 7, 2020. Dying Light 2 is set in the city of Harran, 15 years after the events of the first game. The game’s protagonist is Aiden Caldwell, a survivor of the outbreak who has the ability to sense the presence of the infected. Aiden is contacted by the game’s antagonist, Antanasia, who offers him a cure for the infection in exchange for his help in eradicating the remaining survivors of the outbreak. The game features a dynamic day-night cycle, in which the player must avoid the infected during the day, and can use the infected to their advantage at night. The game also features a choice-based system, in which the player’s choices will affect the game’s world and story.

Dying Light 2 was released to positive reviews, with critics praising the game’s graphics, gameplay, and choice-based system. However, the game was also met with some criticism, primarily for its technical issues. One of the technical issues that have been plaguing the game is the “Can’t Upgrade Paraglider” bug. This bug prevents the player from upgrading their paraglider, which is necessary for progress in the game.


Possible Reason for “Can’t Upgrade Paraglider” Bug in Dying Light 2:

There are several possible reasons for the “Can’t upgrade paraglider” bug in Dying Light 2.

One possibility is that the game’s files are corrupt. This can happen if the game was not properly installed, or if the files were damaged during the installation process.

Another possibility is that your graphics card is not compatible with the game. Dying Light 2 requires a minimum of a GeForce GTX 660, and an AMD Radeon HD 7870 to run. If your graphics card is not up to these specifications, you may experience this bug.

Lastly, this bug may also be caused by a conflict with another game or program on your computer. If you have any other programs running in the background, try closing them to see if that fixes the issue.

How to Fix the “Can’t Upgrade Paraglider” Bug in Dying Light 2?

If you’re having trouble upgrading your paraglider in dying light 2, don’t worry! There is a simple workaround that you can use to get the job done.

  • Step 1: First, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the game installed. If you don’t, you can download it from Steam.
  • Step 2: Once you have the latest version of the game, you need to find the “dying light 2” folder in your Steam directory.
  • Step 3: Inside the “dying light 2” folder, there is a file called “game.ini”. You need to open this file with a text editor like Notepad.
  • Step 4: Once you have the “game.ini” file open, you need to find the following line of text: “EnableCheats”
  • Step 5: Once you’ve found the “EnableCheats” line, you need to change the “0” to a “1”. So, it should look like this: “EnableCheats” = “1”
  • Step 6: Save the “game.ini” file and close it.
  • Step 7: Now, you need to open the game and press the “~” key on your keyboard. This will open the console.
  • Step 8: In the console, you need to type the following command: “upgrade_paraglider”
  • Step 9: Press the “Enter” key and you should see a message that says “Paraglider upgraded!”.
  • Step 10: Close the console and you’re done!

Upgrade Paraglider using MOD:

Fortunately, there are some workarounds that can be used to fix the bug. One workaround is to delete the “paraglider.pak” file from the game’s installation directory. This will reset the paraglider and will allow the player to upgrade it.

Another workaround is to use the “Skip Intro” mod. This mod will skip the cutscene that is associated with the paraglider and will allow the player to proceed directly to the game’s main menu. Once at the main menu, the player can then select the “Upgrade Paraglider” option and will be able to upgrade their paraglider. There are also some mods that can be used to fix the Can’t Upgrade Paraglider bug.

The “Dying Light 2 Fix” mod is one such mod. This mod fixes a number of bugs, including the Can’t Upgrade Paraglider bug.

The “Dying Light 2 Tweaks” mod is another mod that can be used to fix the bug. This mod includes a number of tweaks, including a fix for the Can’t Upgrade Paraglider bug. There are also a number of other mods that can be used to fix the bug. For more information on these mods, and on how to install them, please see the “Fixes” section of this article.


The “Can’t upgrade paraglider” bug in Dying Light 2 can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can try to fix it. If all else fails, you may need to wait for a patch from the developers.

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